Since 2009, M33 has been supporting ambitious founders in their entrepreneurial journey

We partner with passionate people to build the next generation of technology consulting companies. Over the past 10 years, we have learned to identify and grow the best founders.

Why join m33 ecosystem

There is no magic formula for success, but we believe we have the best ingredients to help you succeed:

a unique network

A unique network to find your co-founder

M33 ecosystem brings together 450 tech experts from the best schools in France, Morocco, the UK and the US, trained with the best Lean and Agile practitioners. Our group-wide Leadership Program allows us to bring out the talent that will become tomorrow's leaders. If you don't find your ideal co-founder in one of our current start-ups, we have also built a network of over 500 alumni within the M33 ecosystem.

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a unique network

A community of 20 co-founders

One of the most difficult aspects of creating a start-up is taking a step back from yourself and your business. Joining M33 gives you access to a network of co-founders with over 70 years of combined experience. You save hours of time and avoid many pitfalls...

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the team

A dedicated team to provide you with daily support

It takes more than customers and funding to make a business successful. We work alongside you to solve your operational challenges, challenge you on your strategy and champion best practices in Tech, Lean and Agile. We also help you hire the best people, structure your marketing strategies and develop valuable relationships with industry experts.
Benoit Charles-Lavauzelle

Benoît Charles-Lavauzelle

Co-founder & CEO of M33

Help you in your strategic choices and in the growth of your start-up.
Fabrice Bernhard

Fabrice Bernhard

Co-founder & CTO of M33

Identify the next tech trends and support you to build a quality machine

Our experts

Discover the experts who will advise you

Reine Wang

Reine Wang

Chief Financial Officer
Help you build reliable financial and legal processes from day #1.
Marie Moulinié

Marie Moulinié

Head of People
Support you in hiring your key people and in building people operation team
Pascal Delorme

Pascal Delorme

Chief Revenue Officer
Coach you to develop a compelling offer that will convince your key customers.



Retail & Commerce

Retail & Commerce

Transport & Logistique

Transport & Logistique



Media & Entertainement

Media & Entertainement

Your clients

A portfolio of clients to kick-start your business

We are recognized as leaders in technology, agile and Lean practices. It's an extraordinary competitive advantage to launch with the credibility of an international group. We have a portfolio of more than 200 clients in the ecosystem, institutions, large groups, scale-ups and startups.

friends & family

M33 is majority owned by its two founders Benoît and Fabrice. Its development is supported by two funds: Keensight and ISAI which will help you develop your project.



Read more about our story, our values and the challenges we want to address in the future.

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Theodo was created following a first project Crysalide Access realized for an entrepreneur incubated at the Petit Poucet, the incubator of Allomatch
"It was a fantastic experience that convinces us that we can both fulfill ourselves in our work and radically transform the destiny of our clients."
Benoit Charles-Lavauzelle and Fabrice Bernhard, M33 co-founders


Baptiste and Marek met in 2013 at Theodo. Convinced that web technologies will revolutionize mobile app development, they created BAM in 2015, the first M33 startup.
"We grew from 2 to 100 people in 5 years and pioneered the use of React Native to deliver iOS and Androids apps."
Baptiste Michel, CEO of BAM


Sicara was founded by Benoit and Pierre-Henri with the conviction that AI and big data can change the world.
"Companies sit on large amounts of data that are potential goldmines but remain untapped. Sicara mission is to unleash the power of this data to help companies maximize their business."
Pierre-Henri Cumenge, CTO of Sicara


Acquisition of NimbleWays in Morocco, Keensight and ISAI join M33 to support its growth
"Theodo's development has always been a source of inspiration and we are thrilled with this partnership that came naturally to us."
Noussaire Fdil, CEO of NimbleWays


Launch of our latest venture Hokla, expert in software as medical devices
"You hear about e-health, tech, data... when the forgotten part of today's healthcare journey is the patient."
Noémie Parker and Thomas Walter, cofounders of Hokla

m33: the story of the ecosystem

We partner with talents to build new technology consulting companies capable of meeting the challenges of tomorrow and strengthening the impact of the group.

An international presence

The startups of the M33 ecosystem are internationally recognized with teams in New York, London, Casablanca and Paris.

Key figures

3 additional reasons to join M33 ecosystem

tech & business within the group's companies, more than 500 alumni around the world.
institutions, large groups, scale-ups and startups.
1 million
turnover generated by each M33 startup on average in the first year.