We are M33

The story

When Fabrice and Benoît finished their studies, there were no cool startups to work for in France, it was all about banking, big corporate or strategic consultancy. After their first internships, crazy 70 hour-weeks to improve purposeless powerpoint presentations, and other absurdities during the recruitment process, they realised they were not suited for the corporate world. That’s why they decided to start a new venture with the idea of creating a place where anyone could find joy in their work, have an impact and learn every day. 

Twelve years later, M33 is a group composed of 10 technology consulting companies led by 20 passionate entrepreneurs working together and helped by a total of more than 400 people spread over 3 continents.
We now want to multiply our impact by partnering with talents in the creation of new technology consulting companies capable of meeting the challenges of tomorrow and strengthening the impact of the group.

Our values

We believe that professional growth is achieved through learning and sharing knowledge. 

We value humility, because it allows us to learn from our mistakes and to welcome feedback as a gift. 

We are passionate about technology and we believe it’s a unique opportunity to transform the way we work. 

We believe that to thrive at work, we must find meaning, make an impact and solve today's challenges.  

We believe that fighting waste makes work more meaningful and are always looking to improve our methods and tools.

We believe that smart societies can combine economic development and preservation of the planet. 

We believe lean is an answer, lean strategy being about doing a lot better with a lot less by leveraging people’s ingenious ideas, instead of exploiting infinitely limited resources. 

Our challenges

Early detection of breast cancer reduces mortality by 20%. 60% of the cost of Social Security is associated with long term illnesses, most of which can be eliminated with better prevention. We created Hokla to meet these challenges.

Banks represent a central element in our lives. Yet the mistrust towards these institutions has never been so strong. The proposed experiences and the perceived quality of service rarely reflect the real expectations of users. It is to imagine new experiences in FinTech that we created Sipios.

Improving the efficiency of waste sorting through image recognition could reduce the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere by 2,500 million tons each year. The automation of production and supply chains would allow the relocation of key industries in Europe, reducing their carbon footprint. We have created Sicara, a company that is leveraging AI to meet these challenges. 

Tomorrow, quantum computing will make it possible to break any encryption system. What security solutions can we create to guarantee the independence and sovereignty of a multitude of public and private organizations?

Tomorrow, all citizens' health data will be stored in a cloud operated by public players that are running five years behind the private sector. How can we guarantee the sovereignty of public institutions and the security of citizens' data?

As of today, we could reduce server power consumption by 50% by relying on serverless technologies. How can we make the migration of massive legacies to more efficient architectures easy? 

These are three of the next challenges we want to tackle with our upcoming start-ups. And this is just the beginning.

How you can help

To achieve these goals, we are looking for leaders who are able to convince and help their future customers to create sustainable technological solutions. We are looking for passionate people who are capable of growing their teams on a daily basis.

We offer the guarantee of working for industry leaders, a network of more than 900 experts, alumni and partners, as well as an ongoing support program to ensure the success of each new start-up created. 

Come and tackle the challenges of the future with us!

We are M33

Benoît Charles-Lavauzelle

(founder of M33 and Theodo)
Fabrice Bernhard

(founder of M33 and Theodo)
Julien, Caroline & Maxime (Theodo)
Baptiste & Marek (BAM)
Noémie & Thomas (Hokla)
Noussaire & Othmane (Nimble Ways)
Aurore & Clément (Padok)
Nicolas & Jean-Rémi (Theodo Inc)
Pierre-Henri & Emmanuel (Sicara)
Phil (Theodo UK)
Woody & Rodolphe (Sipios)
and the M33 people